About IAL-U Research Centre

Justification for Research Centre Establishment

In a social and economic environment that is constantly evolving and faced with the growing complexity of acquiring knowledge and new technology, research plays an important role in this process. Researchers should show more solidarity and exploit all available resources regarding their respective academic competencies, as well as the various methods of funding.

In the face of a growing digitization of mass information, the clarity between credible research outputs and evidence based information from those of mass media outlets is hazy. It is this existing gap that the IAL Research Centre aims to fulfill.

To maintain its remarkable momentum, our research center shall not only continue to advance in each of the axes where it has made its mark, but also promote collaboration between these axes and the dissemination of findings that have made the reputation of its researchers. This plan describes, in detail, the strategic issues that will enable us to reach our goals while increasing the IAL Research Center’s visibility on a national and international level through sharing research outputs and innovation.

Vision of the IAL Research Centre

Research and innovate to propel sustainable development

Mission of the IAL Research Centre

  • Ensure the training of future researchers in basic, applied and populational research.
  • Increase innovation through the development of new technology applicable to the community livelihood system.
  • Accelerate the advancement of knowledge to favor the promotion of social and economic transformation and quality of life.
  • Align excellence in research with the IAL other missions.
  • Enhance Research Center public visibility.

Mission of the IAL Research Centre

  • Rigor and scientific integrity
  • Excellence and performance
  • Collaboration and sharing of knowledge
  • Respect and social commitment

Priority Research Objectives

  • Improving on the quality and relevance of research
  • Bringing science and society together
  • Improving synergy between researchers
  • Reinforcing collaboration with other research institutions
  • Increasing the number of grants and scholarships from peer-reviewed organisations
  • Improving on the quality of supervision and training
  • Increasing the critical mass of researchers in all the research axes and themes
  • Organizing scientific activities
  • Increasing private sector investments to fund new research projects

Key Areas of Collaborative Research over the medium term

·    Vulnerability and poverty

·     Food security and improved nutrition

·     Climate smart sustainable agriculture

·     Preventive health systems

·     Digitilisation and inclusive growth

·     Basic and adult education

·     Gender Equity and empowerment

·     Water and Sanitation

·     Energy for rural transformation

·     Disaster crisis preparedness

·     Climate Change and Health

·     Green building construction

·     Youth and women employment

·     Financial inclusion

·     Climate change adaptation

·     Environment, fragility and conflict

·     Access to Justice

·     Resilient transportation system

·     Access to information and science communication systems

·     Climate Change impact awareness and

·     Any other areas as spearheaded by Research Fellows


On-going Research Projects Spearheaded by Senior Research Associates

  • Henry Oryokot on “Community empowerment and resilience amidst climate change in Bududa, Elgon Sub-region”
  • Pascal W. Odoch on “Coping mechanisms amidst global prices volatility of the small-holder farmers in West Nile, Northern Uganda”
  • Carol Nabuzale on “The drivers of communication messages for young women and adolescents in subsistence societies; the case of Elgon sub-region”

Research Grant Opportunities

The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) – in consortium with the Criterion Institute and 2X Global – seeks proposals from non-profit organizations for grants of 20,000 – 50,000 USD to support 8-10 research projects for a period of 6-9 months that contribute to research that is transparent, participatory, responsive to power dynamics, and driven by expertise on gender equality and local context. Aspen Institute Are you a women’s rights or civil society organization with experience conducting applied research and are interested in the intersection of gender equality and finance? Submit a paragraph indicating your proposed research question, insight into your methodology, and proposed output by 7 July 2023  

Profiles of the Senior Research Associates and IAL-U Directors/Principal