Certificate in Computerised Accounting, Quickbooks and Tally

Course Brief

A certificate in accounting prepares students for entry-level positions and for promotional opportunities in accounting departments of businesses, including areas such as manufacturing, merchandising, financial services, wholesale trades, and government. Specialized training in computerized accounting systems enables students to maintain accounting records, develop financial reports, and make effective use of financial information for analysis and decision-making.Entry-level employment opportunities include positions in accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and cost accounting.Promotional opportunities include higher-level responsibilities in these areas and the areas of general ledger, financial statement preparation, and financial statement analysis.

Learning Outcome(s):
Students will acquire adequate general knowledge of Quick Books & accounting to enter into a business environment as an entry-level clerk utilizing Quick Books.

This short course aims at helping participants develop an appreciation of the role of computerized accounting software in a business environment from the perspective of end users and to understand the concepts of the integrated structure of a computerized accounting system when processing accounting transactions.

The participants will develop practical skills in using a computerized accounting system, develop the capacity to apply the above skills to practical accounting problems and procedures and gain an understanding of topical issues and the role of external parties such as government, accounting professional bodies and software designers in relation to accounting and information technology.

This well-established program has been designed to equip participants with practical tools and techniques necessary to succeed in managing financial information in business environment.





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