Certificate in Procurement and Logistics Software Application


In our economy today, procurement and the supply chain in general are of indispensable significance in an attempt to deliver value for money. The demand for professionalism in procurement is increasing at an increasing rate because of the financial loses being experience by the government and the private sector as a result of lack professional officers. This programme aims to enhance the process of creating a highly skilled and professional workforce that will be competent to effectively and efficiently address the current procurement challenges in our economy. The programme will too address emerging issues of concern particularly public private partnerships and green or sustainable procurement all of which are very important in improving value for money.

The Certificate programme aims to provide students with integrated knowledge and skills in the procurement, as well as the logistics industry. Students get to understand the basic areas in procurement and logistics, objectives principles, methods and procedures and practices that are applicable in solving procurement and logistical issues.


The overall objective of the programme is to train and equip students with adequate knowledge, skills and attitudes and professionalism that will enable them to:
Develop a sound understanding of procurement principles and practice and be able to make a significant contribution to the government and other organisation’s
Develop, consolidate and manage logistical processes that ensure quality organizational performance and customer satisfaction.
Gain competencies to meet the work place challenges and demands of the contemporary business world.
Further their academic or professional development where applicable.
Be agents of successful ethical change through planning and implementation of a significant change.
This program covers a broad spectrum of areas within the field, such as procurement, logistics, transportation, negotiations, inventory management and contract management.


Programme Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this Program successful students will be able to: –

Explain the procurement principles and practices and the significant contribution they make to the government and other organizations.
Demonstrate ability in involving and developing suppliers, purchasing and supplier strategies and purchasing and supply management in a global context.
Explain the importance of procurement and logistics management in delivering goods and services to the end user.
Demonstrate an understanding of issues in modern procurement such as integrating ICT in procurement functions.
Demonstrate application of skills in public sector procurement regulations and guidelines or law
Develop their academic or professional career.

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