Certificate in Computer Graphics and photo Editing


About the Programme

The profession of graphic design utilizes creativity and technology to communicate ideas or messages. The outcomes of this communication can be in the form of printed materials, architectural signage and graphics, exhibition environments, packaging and electronic media. While primarily concerned with the visual communication of information, graphic designers are also interested in the persuasive nature of the message.

The scope of Graphic Design has expanded in recent years and advances in communication technology have offered a host of new possibilities to the designer. The course aims to develop analytical skills and critical judgement enabling the student for technological and/or aesthetic innovations in the subject of Communication Design.

The Certificate in Graphics Design & Editing begins with the study of design history, theory and traditional design skills, then progresses to current graphic design practices and technology.

This course prepares a student for a wide range of careers in the industry. The program seeks to develop designers with strong aesthetic and analytic skills capable of solving real-world communication design problems, integrating a command of visual language with imagination, theory and technology.


  • Communicate ideas through artworks by selecting and applying media techniques and processes, subject matter and themes.
  • Demonstrate a verbal-working use of the art vocabulary relating to the arts.
  • Develop an understanding of the properties and the preparation of graphic design.
  • Communicate ideas through artworks by selecting and applying the elements of art and principles of design.
  • Respond aesthetically to artworks based upon their personal experience and cultural values.
  • Analyze, interpret, and evaluate the quality of artwork through art criticism.
  • Understand the role and functions of art in history and culture.
  • Students will produce a portfolio of art using a variety of graphic design techniques, styles and media.




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