National certificate in social work and social administration

Course Description

Social work and social administration is one of the integral programmes that both government and non-governmental organisations undertake for realistic and sustainable development. The National Certificate in Social Work and Social Administration (NCSW) is aimed at improving the social welfare of citizens by contributing to high quality service delivery in both the public and private sector.

A professional profile, which is an amalgamation of the various tasks from which modules were formed, was developed. This led to the formation of an educational concept which included; focus of education, assessment criteria as well as roles of learners and academic staff. The skills to be acquired through this programme will enhance the learners’ confidence and ability to participate effectively in improving both the welfare of the population and income generating activities

This will help learners not only as members of the community development and social welfare, but also as creative citizens in business world, dealing with issues emanating from the works that impact on their own and other people’s lives.

Program Objectives

When effectively implemented, this curriculum will produce graduates with skills in:

  • Providing psychosocial support /guidance and counselling services.
  • Community mobilisation and facilitation.
  • Resource mobilisation and linking the needy to resource centres.
  • Promoting local and cultural resources for sustainable development and wellbeing.
  • Promoting safety, health and environment.
  • Advocating for the vulnerable groups/gender and social development
  • Assisting in social welfare administration, initiation and innovation of sustainable projects.





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