Diploma in Human Resource Management

Diploma in Human Resource Management concentrates on the broad area of human resource management, plus employment policy and practice, industrial relations, organizational psychology and organizational analysis, with choices to focus on both the local and international level. It is designed to encourage students to gain a critical awareness of how people are managed in organisations. It examines the impact of corporate and business strategy on human resources management. It stresses the importance of aligning human resources management policies and practices with organizational strategy. A strategic human resources planning model is introduced.

Human resource management (HRM) skills are now essential to businesses and organisations, and this course will equip students with both the theoretical understanding and practical knowledge to progress to a range of human resource management careers. The Postgraduate Diploma is both vocationally and academically oriented to provide opportunities for professionals and general business practitioners to upgrade their knowledge and skills in HRM to cope with the challenges and dynamics of the changing market as well as to articulate to the Master’s degree programmes with credit exemption.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply effective HRM tools and strategies to build businesses and organisations.
  2. Critically analyse, evaluate and make judgments about the psychological, social, cultural, technological and economic factors influencing organisational behavior and management decision making.
  3. Apply HRM concepts and theories to analyse the influence and effect on productivity.
  4. Explore, discuss and evaluate the full potential of the various HRM components.
  5. Discuss and critically analyse issues in change management and organisational behavior.




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