Diploma in Procument and Logistics Management

The Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management is a two-year programme divided in four semesters; suitable for students who wish to take up a career in procurement and supply chain management.

The programme is designed to enable students to explore procurement in relation with other functions of business organizations as well as apply relevant skills and knowledge to solve procurement and supply chain management tactical and operational challenges both in public and private institutions. From theory in class environment to practice in internship/Project, students will advance in knowledge and skill and also get advantage in real world experience.

The programme will take-up a blended approach (both face to face and online studies) which involves lectures, tests, private study, individual and group assignments, field assignments, case study, and presentations as a means of developing professionals to close the knowledge gap and skills among people who are involved in public procurement and logistic activities under government ministries/ departments / agencies, Local government, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) as well as the private sector.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of this programme are to:

  • Develop a sound understanding of procurement principles and practice and be able to make a significant contribution to the government and other organisation’s
  • Analyze and address issues in modern procurement such as integrating ICT in procurement functions.
  • Enable students; acquire skills in public sector procurement regulations and guidelines or law.
  • Select and know how to use appropriate procurement and logistics business methods and strategies that enhance teaching in business management and other subjects.
  • Develop, consolidate and manage logistical processes that ensure quality organizational performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Gain a foundation to further their academic or professional development

Programme Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this Program successful students will be able to: –

  • Explain the procurement principles and practices and the significant contribution they make to the government and other organizations.
  • Demonstrate ability in involving and developing suppliers, purchasing and supplier strategies and purchasing and supply management in a global context.
  • Explain the importance of procurement and logistics management in delivering goods and services to the end user.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of issues in modern procurement such as integrating ICT in procurement functions.
  • Demonstrate application of skills in public sector procurement regulations and guidelines or law
  • Develop their academic or professional career.



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