Diploma in Public Administration

The Diploma in Public Administration is designed to acquaint students to the study of, and research in, public administration, in the context of an increasingly globalized world, in which public and private activities transect in multilevel governance systems. The programme covers issues of public administration, good governance, human resource, communication, computer skills, managing finances, and gender mainstreaming in the workplace.

The Diploma in Public Administration programme is designed to contribute to providing the nation with a supply of qualified public administrators who will apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors for the efficient and effective management of people as demandedfor in both the public and private sectors

Career Prospect:
On completion of the programme, our graduates are expected to serve society in many sectors of life or sector of the economy such as budget analysis, environmental policies, health care policies, foreign affairs, Community work or city/neighborhood planning, and many others.


Programme Objectives

  • Promote understanding of the political, social, legal, and economic environments in which public organizations operate;
  • Provide understanding of, and insight into, the nature of the administrative process and bureaucratic behavior, leadership, and decision making;
  • Promote a basic knowledge of skills and techniques required to administer effectively public organizations to include such administrative specialties as budgeting, personnel management and policy evaluation;
  • Promote familiarity with the substantive character of, and problems in the implementation of specific areas of public administration
  • Foster an understanding of values and ethics promoting cultural diversity, democracy, and constitutional principles;
  • Promote written and oral communications skills.
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