Diploma in Project Planning and Management

The course aims at leading the students through the essential skills for project planning and management; to give students confidence in their knowledge for implementing their new skills to plan, execute, monitor, and evaluate any projects successfully, where they might be involved in either directly or indirectly. It prepares one to be a project management professional who must know how to do it and do it right. This course provides the knowledge to execute projects effectively and efficiently, using proven skills. With this knowledge, the students can immediately improve their value to any organization

Learning Outcomes
On completion, the students will be able to;

  • Describe how to initiate a project by defining the project goal, identifying the priorities, and establishing the organization.
  • Explain how to develop a project plan by identifying the scope, task dependencies, schedule, critical path, and risks.
  • Describe the four stages of the project life-cycle and the role each stage has in the evolution of a project
  • Apply the knowledge and skills learnt to develop a project plan.

The Diploma in Project Planning and Management aims to build a solid educational foundation for all our diploma holders to work effectively in large complex projects and promote industry-wide standards for project management and educational maturity. This course will enable students appreciate the need for project integration, quality, and management of projects, including design, procurement, cost management and communication. Beyond this, the project also aims to equip graduates with knowledge of principles of management, human resource and strategic management of projects as well as human behavior in organizations





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