Certificate in Accounting and Finance

The CAF purpose is to attain employable skills needed to perform tasks at the different levels of their respective stages of study. The competencies that a learner is expected to acquire are clearly spelt out for every module in each semester and year of study.
The skills to be acquired will enhance the learners’ confidence and abilities to participate effectively in income generating activities, not only as members of the business fraternity but also as creative citizens dealing with issues emanating from the works that impact on their own and other people’s lives.

Graduates will be able to:
▪ Record business transactions in the books of accounts
▪ Compute business profits/losses
▪ Prepare payrolls
▪ Manage business finances
▪ Source for business finances
▪ Start up their own small-scale businesses


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  • Edith July 29, 2023 @ 9:57 am

    How much is tution for this certificate

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