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Certificate in Accounting and Finance

The CAF purpose is to attain employable skills needed to perform tasks at the different levels of their respective stages of study. The competencies that a learner is expected to acquire are clearly spelt out for every module in each semester and year of study. The skills to be acquired…

Certificate in Computerised Accounting, Quickbooks and Tally

Course Brief A certificate in accounting prepares students for entry-level positions and for promotional opportunities in accounting departments of businesses, including areas such as manufacturing, merchandising, financial services, wholesale trades, and government. Specialized training in computerized accounting systems enables students to maintain accounting records, develop financial reports, and make effective…

Certificate in Computer Applications

Course Overview This course introduces the essential concepts necessary to make effective use of the computer. Students achieve an understanding of what a computer can do, how it works, and how it can be used to create documents using word processing and spreadsheet applications for personal and business use. The…

Certificate in Computer Graphics and photo Editing

About the Programme The profession of graphic design utilizes creativity and technology to communicate ideas or messages. The outcomes of this communication can be in the form of printed materials, architectural signage and graphics, exhibition environments, packaging and electronic media. While primarily concerned with the visual communication of information, graphic…

Certificate in Advanced Leadership and Management

Course Overview It is often misunderstood that leadership and management are two completely separate and distinct areas of study and approach. While academically this may have some truth – In reality, at times, a leader will need to employ management principles and at times a manager will need integrate leadership…

Certificate in Project Management Software Application

Course Description Effective management is the key to success of any project. Project management is a requirement for professionals in many fields, with many employers now identifying project management skills as vital for corporate success. The main function of project management is to ensure that all the activities in a…

Certificate in Procurement and Logistics Software Application

COURSE OVERVIEW In our economy today, procurement and the supply chain in general are of indispensable significance in an attempt to deliver value for money. The demand for professionalism in procurement is increasing at an increasing rate because of the financial loses being experience by the government and the private…

National Certificate in Information and Communication Technology

Course Overview Information Technology (IT) continues to evolve at breathtaking speed. Understanding the opportunities and threats created by advances in IT is critical for modern-day IT Managers/Officers and this understanding will grow in importance as more and more business is conducted in “virtual” domains in the future. According to the…

National certificate in Business Administration

Course Overview The National Certificate in Business Administration is a Two Years’ programme designed to provide students with foundation skills used in the general management of a business enterprise for graduate or have extensive business experience. It exposes students to a range of management skills that are useful to succeed…

National certificate in social work and social administration

Course Description Social work and social administration is one of the integral programmes that both government and non-governmental organisations undertake for realistic and sustainable development. The National Certificate in Social Work and Social Administration (NCSW) is aimed at improving the social welfare of citizens by contributing to high quality service…

Diploma in HIV/AIDS Counselling and Management

COURSE OVERVIEW Counselling someone about HIV/AIDS and someone affected by HIV/AIDS is different from other types of counselling. The goals of HIV/AIDS counselling are to promote behavior change to prevent HIV infection and its transmission to other people and to give psycho-social support to those whose lives have been affected…

Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Course Description The Diploma of Counselling and Psychotherapy is your pathway to an exciting career as an entry-level counselor. In this diploma, you will study major theoretical perspectives both within psychotherapy and counselling traditions, and outside these traditions, you will engage with relevant scientific, philosophical and spiritual disciplines. Through the course…

Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration

Course Description The course is housed in the School of Social Sciences, in the department of Development and Community Studies. The programme of Diploma of Arts degree in Social Work and Social Administration offers training to undergraduate students. It is a 2 years programme leading to the award of a…

Diploma in Public Health

This programme is intended to contribute towards addressing the continuing gap between healthcare service delivery and health service demand against the background of the disease burden that is predominantly preventable. There are a number of health workers with various certificates in healthcare like mid-wives, nurses, health educators, health inspectors and…

Diploma in Information Communication Technology

This Diploma Program shall consist of lectures, tutorials, demonstrations, ICT laboratory practicals , ICT projects , internship*, and study visits/field tours*. Benefits of the Program/Program Objectives At the end of the study, the students are expected to acquire special skills and work as IT Professionals . The acquired special skills…

Diploma in Public Administration

The Diploma in Public Administration is designed to acquaint students to the study of, and research in, public administration, in the context of an increasingly globalized world, in which public and private activities transect in multilevel governance systems. The programme covers issues of public administration, good governance, human resource, communication,…

Diploma in Project Planning and Management

The course aims at leading the students through the essential skills for project planning and management; to give students confidence in their knowledge for implementing their new skills to plan, execute, monitor, and evaluate any projects successfully, where they might be involved in either directly or indirectly. It prepares one to be a…

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