Author: Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi

Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi is a specialist in Human Performance Systems – the art and science of bringing out the best in people. He is a Careers and Education consultant with over 20 years of practice in the field of higher education as a university teacher, pedagogy specialist and policy maker in top-most boardrooms of universities. He is author of 5 groundbreaking books including: After University, What Next? (First published in 2003, 2nd Edition in 2008, and 3rd Edition in 2018); Remaking the Youth (2000); Teaching Deep without Teaching Hard (2020); Demystifying Capital (2017); and Super Charging Youth Employability Value (2016). He is occasionally hosted on radio and television talk shows. Since the year 2001 Ambrose Kibuuka has worked with a wide range of local and international organizations covering over 100 consultancies in the areas of: Career Guidance and Mentorship; Learner-Centered Pedagogy; Quality Assurance; Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship; Personal Development; Organizational Development; Creativity, Innovation and Change Management; Strategic Management; Transformational Leadership; and People Performance. Ambrose Kibuuka Mukiibi is a member of the Board of Trustees and the University Council at Kampala International University; a member of the Board of Directors and Innovation Strategist at the Institute of Advanced Leadership-Uganda; a member of the Board of Directors at the Public Policy Institute; a member of the Board of Directors at ACORD Uganda; and President of Uganda Martyrs University Alumni Association.